How to Safely Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are unsightly and annoying. The little (or sometimes large) black dots that sit in the pores of our skin are an area of concern for many people. No one likes the look of blackheads, so it is not surprising that people want to remove them.


Many of you have noticed by now that squeezing the skin around the pore can cause blackheads to pop out of the pore. While this is often a rewarding process, pinching the skin can cause damage, inflammation, and even lead to scarring. The top layer of the skin can be rubbed off in this way and even cause scabbing.

As a result, you need to safely remove your blackheads. This article provides three methods for getting rid of blackheads safely.

Using a Face Wash with Salicylic Acid

The easiest and safest way to remove blackheads is through chemical means. In particular, a face wash with Salicylic Acid like the one in the Exposed Skin Care acne kits are all you need to start clearing up your blackheads.

These acids will slowly eat away at your blackheads, ultimately revealing clean pores. It may take a few weeks before blackheads start to clear out, especially if they are older or larger.

Pore Strips

If chemical means are not working out or you want something that works faster, you can try mechanical extraction via a pore strip. A pore strip is a sticky bandage that you can apply to a blackhead, allow the strip to stick to the blackhead, and then when you remove it, the blackhead is pulled out of the pore and stuck to the strip.

There are two problems with using pore strips. First, the blackhead will reform over time so you will have to keep using pore strips in order to keep blackheads down. The second problem is that sometimes the blackhead may break off when you pull it out with a strip, so that the top half of the blackhead is stuck to the strip but the other half of the blackhead still exists deep in the pore. This may lead to an acne breakout.

You can combine a pore strip with a face wash by using a face wash after using your pore strip. This will help clear out any remaining blackheads in the pore.

Comedone Extractor

A metal tool called a comedone extractor is often used to remove the largest, oldest, and most stubborn blackheads. It helps apply pressure to the blackhead to remove it while minimizing skin damage. However, even with careful use, you cannot guarantee that the skin around the extracted blackhead will not be irritated or damaged.