Diabetes and Acne – The Hidden Relationship

Did you know that diabetes and acne are related? There is compelling evidence that diabetes and acne are linked, and in this article, we will examine this link. This will not only allow you to control your acne but control your diabetes as well. Following these tips and strategies can not only improve your acne but your health as well.

The Insulin Sensitivity of Skin Cells

While diabetes is measured on a whole body level, you can roughly tell whether or not a specific cell is “diabetic” by examining something known as insulin sensitivity. When a skin cell is exposed to insulin, the amount of glucose (blood sugar) soaks up in response can be measured. When this is lower than normal, the cell is said to have low insulin sensitivity. If too many cells have low insulin sensitivity, you can develop type 2 diabetes.


Researchers have determined that individual skin cells with low insulin sensitivity are more likely to develop into acne lesions. Why this occurs we do not know, but we do know it does occur. As a result, increasing a cell’s insulin sensitivity may reduce its affinity to develop into an acne infection.

Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity and Reduce Your Acne

As a result, anything you can do to increase insulin sensitivity will not only reduce acne symptoms but improve your diabetes as well. Here are 3 tips you can use:

  • Remove insulinogenic foods. Exposure to too much insulin may reduce a cell’s affinity for insulin. Cells basically gets tired of being constantly exposed to insulin and stops responding to it as strongly. Some foods cause a lot of insulin to be produced. Really anything with carbohydrates, but particularly sugar, bread, and rice, are responsible for producing a lot of insulin. Milk also produces a lot of insulin. Remove these foods from the diet if possible.
  • Lose weight: Carrying extra body fat significantly improves the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Extra body fat reduces cell insulin sensitivity. Fortunately this can be restored simply by losing weight. A difficult process I know but it is well worth it.
  • Exercise daily: A simple way to increase the cell’s sensitivity on a whole body level is to exercise. Aside from the weight loss this may cause, exercising stimulates the production of new insulin receptors on the cells and may improve blood sugar levels to reduce diabetes.