Blue Light Therapy to Stop Acne

Blue light therapy is a trending topic in the acne treatment world. It represents the closest thing to the holy grail of acne treatment: the ability to get rid of acne without any dangerous chemicals or harsh side effects that are all too common in the acne treatment world.

blue light therapy for acne

However, is blue light therapy a legitimate acne therapy? And what are the pros and cons of treatment? Keep reading to get the straight facts from Hugo Palomar.

How Blue Light Therapy Reduces Acne

Blue Light therapy is said to tackle acne from two methods. First, it helps reduce current acne lesions by destroying bacteria that cause acne. The blue light is said to have the capacity to destroy bacteria on the surface of the skin without harming the actual skin cells.

Secondly, blue light therapy helps prevent future breakouts by reducing the activity of sebaceous glands. These glands are what secrete skin oils. Given that these oils are commonly responsible for pore blockages, decreasing secretions is a good way to prevent future breakouts.

Does It Work?

While not enough research has been done to conclusively state the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of blue light therapy, plenty of doctor’s offices and spa centers are offering this therapy.

I dug around and read as much anecdotal evidence and personal stories and as you can imagine the results varied from person to person. Some people thought it was great, whereas others reported modest improvement without total clearance of acne. The general consensus was that it worked, but most people seemed to think it would work better given the high cost. You do not always get what you pay for it seems.

The Cost of Treatment

The major gripe of people who have received blue light therapy is not that it is ineffective but for the cost it is not effective enough. Given that a single session can cost several hundred dollars and a standard practice is weekly treatments followed by monthly maintenance sessions, you can see why.

After all, a lot of people expected complete and total acne remission when they are putting up $1,000 for the first month then a few hundred dollars a month afterwards. To only get modest improvement in acne when spending that kind of money is no doubt disappointing.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that while this therapy does seem to work, it is only for the rich and famous. If you do not mind spending x,xxx a year on acne treatments, then by all means use blue light therapy. If you have a normal budget like the rest of us you are going to have to stick to regular OTC acne treatments.