Acne Tips for Pregnant Women – What You Must Know

acne-tips-pregnant-womenWhen people get pregnant, they get acne. The two seem to be inevitably linked and have been since the beginning of time. Below, you’ll discover why acne during pregnancy occurs, which acne products you should avoid, some natural methods for preventing pregnancy acne, and some guidance for what you can do if you suffer from this condition.

Why Pregnancy Acne Occurs

Acne during pregnancy is a normal, common occurrence. Hormone levels for the pregnant female are constantly up and down as the fetus matures. This is a natural part being pregnant.

Unfortunately, signalling molecules meant for the fetus flow throughout the entire blood stream. These same hormones that are meant to help the fetus develop may negatively impact the skin and pores, resulting in easier blockages and the development of acne. It is an unintended side effect but it does happen.

Some other reasons why pregnancy acne occurs is due to weight gain and sweating. Weight gain increases the susceptibility of the skin to developing acne, and weight gain during pregnancy cannot be avoided. Increased sweating may trigger acne as well. Stay cool by drinking ice water.

Products to Avoid

The developing fetus is very susceptible to all sorts of chemicals. The FDA has declared that the two active ingredients in most acne products, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, are graded “C” for pregnancy safety. This means that the risk of problems cannot be ruled out even though none have been identified.

It is best to be safe than sorry as they say so with this recommendation you should avoid all OTC acne products just in case a side effect does exist that has yet to be established.

Natural Means for Acne Prevention

Since over the counter products for getting rid of acne are out, you may want to try some natural means to reduce pregnancy acne. One good option is lemon juice. Just wipe it on the face for 10-15 minutes at a time then rinse it off.

You can also help prevent breakouts from happening by reducing sweating. Drink a lot of ice water and run the air conditioner to help reduce sweating.

Pregnancy is Not Permanent

The key thing to remember is that pregnancy is not permanent. It might feel that way at first but you will give birth eventually and then your acne should return to normal. Even if you still end up with some acne post-pregnancy, once you are done breastfeeding you can safely go back to using standard OTC treatments like benzoyl peroxide.