Top 7 Tips for Getting Rid of Your Acne

Hugo here from and today you are going to discover my top 7 tips for getting rid of acne. These tips range from holistic health changes to home remedies for acne, allowing you to attack acne from a wide angle.


Tip #1: Drop the Belly Fat

Losing weight is one of the easiest ways to reduce acne. Body fat is actually hormonal in nature: it is capable of producing estrogen. Higher levels of estrogen in both men and women can cause acne breakouts. Let’s put it this way: how often do you see acne in a post-menopausal woman? You almost never do, because estrogen makes it much easier for acne to form.

In addition to producing hormones, body fat makes us sweat. It provides insulation that significantly increases the core body temperature. Sweating is necessary to cool down a heavier body. Sweating contributes to pore blockages and ultimately breakouts.

Finally, body fat produces inflammation in the body. Inflammation means higher counts of certain enzymes, proteins, and white blood cells that can wreck havoc around the body. Those in an inflammatory state may find that their pores are more easily blocked and hence acne more easily develops. Losing weight can help reverse this process.

Tip #2: Lose (or clean) the Hat

Hats are one of the hidden causes of acne, particularly forehead acne. The pores on the forehead are tiny and easily blocked by skin cells and sweat. Even without much oil on the skin, these pores can easily block. Hats increase sweating and provide a physical means with which dead skin cells can be pushed into these tiny pores, leading to breakouts.

If you need to wear a hat, try washing the hat regularly. Additionally, always wash your face before putting on a hat to help remove dead skin cells and oils before the hat is put on the head.

Tip #3: Try These Natural Remedies

The natural acne remedies provided by are a great alternative strategy for getting rid of acne without turning to harsh chemicals. Things like lemon juice, certain vitamins, and sage extract can be used to reduce the appearance of acne.

Tip #4: Wash Your Face Twice a Day

While this may seem like an obvious acne tip, if you are not washing your face at least twice a day, you need to start. You should always wash your face before applying any sort of acne treatment as well.

If your face is getting dry and you are worried about over-washing it, just switch from soap to a water-based cleanser. A cleanser should not irritate the skin and is just as effective if not more effective than using face soap.

Tip #5: Change Beauty Brands

Sometimes the ingredients in beauty products may trigger acne. Common contributors are makeup and sunscreen. Try to avoid oil-based makeup brands and stick to lightweight sunscreens.

Any sunscreen that comes in a spray bottle rather than in lotion form is less likely to stimulate acne than traditional lotions. After all, if the sunscreen does not clog the fine mist sprayer associated with these spray-on suntans, it is not going to clog your pores either.

Tip #6: Keep Your Bed Clean

Did you know that your pillow case and sheets may be harboring dirt and bacteria that trigger acne? Every night when you lay down on your pillow case, if you sweat, bacteria and dirt are going to be transferred to the pillow case. The last thing you want at night is to be laying on such an unclean surface.

Get a stack of pillow cases from a bulk store and change your pillow case each day. This may seem extreme but if you are waking up with new breakouts each day you will be shocked at just how effective this little change can be.

While these natural tips will help clear up your existing acne, they will not do anything to get rid of pre-existing acne scars. Consider looking at some of these acne scar products for use once your acne clears up with these natural tips.

Tip #7: Grab the Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment Kit

While the first 6 tips can go a long way to reducing acne, if you are serious about getting rid of your acne from home, then you need to pick up an Exposed Skin Care acne treatment kit. With a great cleanser that will not dry out your skin, a powerful face wash that unblocks pores, and a treatment cream that stops acne in its tracks, you have everything you need to clear up your acne in one convenient kit.

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